Environmental Challenges

Australia is a diverse continent, with each workplace facing its own set of environmental challenges.

Businesses have a legal responsibility not to pollute the environment, including emissions to air, soil, stormwater and sewerage systems.

Evolve Safety uses its significant industry experience to maintain EPA compliance wherever needed.

Energy Saving in the Workplace

Energy initiatives preserve our environment and ensure the continued financial success of your business.

We can identify process inefficiencies to ensure your workplace is environmentally sustainable. 

Ask us for an energy assessment, which quantifies energy savings and the best system for your business.

Workspace Injuries

Workplace injuries are usually avoidable but cost Australian industry over $60 Billion each year. The Harmonised WHS Act and Regulations simplify the management of health and safety in workplaces. Evolve Safety already helps companies understand their incident trends and how to reduce injury rates

When an incident occurs, Evolve Safety provide a Lead Investigator to examine the root cause. Identifying the controls to be applied means it’s much less likely to happen again. Developing a return to work and workers compensation plan is a fundamental aspect of the recovery process.

HSE Processes

Managing contractors is a core element of HSE processes. Many companies fail to recognise the risk presented by contracted labour and injury rates are often high.

Your contractors need to work to the same high safety standards as the rest of your workers. Evolve Safety develops Induction packages to ensure that these independent workers are working safely.

Product Design & Testing

Before you sell products to the public you need to know they are intrinsically safe to use.

With vast engineering and safety design experience, Evolve Safety know how to write technical procedures that will enable robust testing protocols and Failure Modes & Effect Analysis for your products.  

Site Impact

Deliberate or accidental contamination of land, air or waterways will lead to prosecution and seriously affects your operations.

Whatever site activities you conduct will have an impact on the surface, subsoil and groundwater beneath your site. Evolve Safety have substantial experience in managing Tradewaste services, emissions and land management that ensures your workers are doing the right thing.

Ask us about the International Standards, which will certify your company to ISO14001 (Environmental) and/or OHSAS18001 (Health & Safety).

Plant Guarding

The use of interlocked machine guarding is a preferred safeguard across manufacturing. This protect workers from any unforeseen injury.

Evolve Safety offer plant guarding assessments, which considers your unique processes and applies the best guarding solutions.

Workplace incidents don’t just hurt – they also rob workers of their livelihood. Evolve Safety will assess your guarding needs and how to apply the hierarchy of risk control.

Lean Specialist

Remaining competitive drives Lean Manufacturing practices across most industrial sectors. Lean provides a stable structure from which to continually improve your processes. This fits in perfectly with the ISO principles for continual business improvement with respect to products, processes, Health, Safety and Environment.

Lean production is more than just another latest buzz word. It has been proven to maximise productivity and minimise waste. Evolve Safety offers Lean manufacturing improvement services through our Lean specialist partner.